about lulu

Lulu Gordon has evolved from married to single, urbanite to Marinite, lawyer to poet. She is younger now. And wiser. A happier version of herself. Briefcase discarded. She now comes armed with pigtails, poetry and a guitar.
Raised in Hawaii, lulu was a combination of straight A student and beach girl. Leaving sand for ivy she attended Dartmouth College and then law school at Georgetown. She practiced business litigation and patent law with prestigious law firms in New York and San Francisco. "Tired of arguing," she left the law to focus on growing organizations through marketing and communications. Along the way she found love and love lost. Her journey continues.
It began when she received a gift.
"There he was smiling.
A steel-stringed guitar, in hand.
A beautiful Martin, ready for love."

It was a pivotal moment. The poems and lyrics tumbled out, even before she could play that beautiful guitar. And, with the encouragement of her family, friends, and editor, the book emerged. 
Lulu's poetry readings are evocative and soulful. She also speaks eloquently, with wisdom and humor, on the topic of personal transformation. Schedule lulu for a reading or event. Lulu is working on her next book of poems and lyrics, Unbreak My Heart, and a collection of short stories, Adventures with Lulu, for release by abracadabra press. To learn about all things lulu, subscribe to her newsletter.
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