lulu is a poet, lyricist, and author of the new book, love and love lost

She has evolved from married to single, urbanite to Marinite, lawyer to poet. She is younger now. And wiser. A happier version of herself. Briefcase discarded. She now comes armed with pigtails, poetry and a guitar, sharing her adventures of love and love lost. Read more about lulu.  

Her poetry book, love and love lost, was released by abracadabra press last year. This little red book of love is a whirlwind of wonderful. It takes us on a deeply satisfying, wild, irresistible poetic ride through the heart of love, passion, heartbreak, and hope.

Lulu is available for poetry readings and speaking engagments on personal transformation. Schedule lulu for a reading or event. To learn about all things lulu, including where she will be reading and new books in the works, subscribe to her newsletter.


          From the introduction of love and love lost:
 A friend of mine asked, "Do you think you can die of a broken heart?” I didn’t know, though, it might be preferable if we could. How many times can our hearts be broken and keep on loving, and keep falling in love? Medical science tells us that our skin, liver and spleen are the only organs that naturally regenerate themselves, but clearly, our hearts do it all the time. I can attest to that fact.     Read more


The buzz . . .

These songs and poems are soulful and bluesy, full of humor and hope. With perfect pitch and witty rhymes, Gordon’s lyrics have the buoyancy to ferry us across the choppiest waterways of our hearts.

  — Prartho Sereno, prizewinning author of
Causing a Stir: The Secret Lives & Loves of Kitchen Utensils and Call from Paris